House Clearing & Blessings

$120 + up


Difficulties with spirit beings in your home or work place?

This may include assiting those that have passed over and are at unrest. It may also include an entity or being that has never been in the physical world. This is not for paranormal investigating, but rather assistance in situations where the individual is most certain that there is some unwanted paranormal activity and needs help in removing the spirit and may aso require guidance in psychic protection.


Spirit is all around us, all the time. Some of these spirits are beneficial to us, like angels, or beings of light. some are not. These energy beings can be disruptive to us on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Sometimes these entities can attach to our araus causing further damage to us. This can occur when we are vulnerable in some way, like severe stress, exhaustion, traumatic experiences, blood transfusions, severe intoxication or under influence of drugs. The technique used is to locate and release the offending energy /entity attachment the physical and energy field. Examples of entity attachment can include hearing voices physical sources that have no apparent source changes in behaviour cravings for alcohol, drugs or any other unhealthy behaviour. Fears and phobias that are new, pain and anxiety attacks unusual speech or accents, foreign language relapse in recovery process, severe mood swings, continuous immunity issues.


Do you have uninvited spirit energies in your home that make you uncomfortable? Do you feel, see or hear things in your home that you wish would leave? I can help you. I am a psychic and spiritual counselor and have cleared many homes and persons of unwanted spirit energies. I can help you feel confident and safe in your own home, answer your questions and clear your space. I also will teach and advise how to keep this space clear.

For removing old energies and influences that no longer serve. Whether you are feeling something negative in your space, have just moved into a new home or are looking for a fresh start. Clearing and blessing will give you a jump start on creating a comfortable happy environment.

Prices based on location and energy work needed.

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