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Past Life Regression

90 min - $120

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?

Do you feel that a past life may be impacting this one?

Ever wondered why you have certain talents, abilities that come naturally?

Are there people in your life right now that have been in other lives with you?

Ever wondered why you keep repeating certain patterns, have certain hobbies and interests?


Past life regression can aid us in weeding out psychological and spiritual blocks that have carried over from previous incarnations.


Throughout the Past Life Regression process, the client is guided into a very safe and relaxed state, taken back through key points in their present life,and then further back into a number of past lives. A process of forgiveness and healing is brought into not only the past lives, but also one’s present and future life, creating more peace and happiness. The client does not relive the event, but instead is able to experience it from a detached state of observation. The client will have a total sense of what is going on in the moment, as one also experiences during hypnosis, while allowing a person to be in control of the experience, without any pain or discomfort. At the end of the regression, the client will be given the notes from the session.


Past Life Regression, takes approximately 90min, is a powerful tool for accessing the sub-conscious memory and the client does not have to believe in past lives in order to benefit from the sessions. It is a very real experience from a perspective of the healing it offers and all that is required is to be open and willing for change. Whether the Past Life Regression seems real or imagined, the healing and the lessons are still in place to go forward to improve one’s life, with it being a journey into the sub-conscious mind.



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