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Energy Today 13 Tz'ik'in

Good day Dear Ones. Today on the day of Tz'ik'in the energy of the bird, of the greater vision,

Tz'ik'in asks us to use our wisdom, to use our resources wisely. In a society where most people want everything for themselves, we are asked to look at the greater whole. It is necessary to be conscious that if and when we help others, in reality we are helping ourselves. That if we give from our hearts the universe will respond in kind. Yesterday was the energy of the Nawal I'X which brought us the energy of Mother Earth, Today Tz'ik'in brings us the energy of Father Sky. Tz'ik'in is the Nawal of economic well being and good fortune. Its an ideal day to truly give thanks for everything that we have, love and enjoy, and to also from our hearts ask for all good things to come, both material and spiritual. Today is a day of prosperity, abundance, love and joy. The energy of Father Sky the messenger merging and entertwining with the energy of Mother Earth. Nawal Tz'ik'in allows us to have clear vision, both inner and outer. The feeding of this relationship grows our interconnectivity of the heart behind all things. This is the road of healing. This is the road of creativity, of manifesting. This is the road that holds quality, meaning and purpose in the mist of any and all challenges that life is bringing forth.

Nawal Tz’ikin is the messenger that helps us to remember to choose and turn two degrees to the right and begin to enter the road of living a life that is fully human and in harmonious partnership with all of nature.

This is also the last day of the trecena of Aq'ab'al and today we give thanks for all the light it has brought and illumination it has provided us these last 13 days.

Candle was lit and prayers offered. Blessings to you all.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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