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So for those of you who don't know me, here's the scoop I by know means am comforfortable with public speaking. That being said I was asked by a friend Witchdoctor Utu to do a presentation about the Mayan Cosmology and its Calendar at his yearly Conjure Camp Gathering held here in Ontario Canada. While there I met the presenters Jean-Jerome C. Baudry and Teresa Sliwinski. They are the co-founders and producers of Ancestral Eyes. Well one thing led to another and I was invited to be on their live streamming show. Sooo im just going to post the video and let you all watch it. Now mind you and please take into account I'm pretty much in the dark the whole time, and not because I dont like being filmed but because true to my name The Small MEDIUM at Large, I was on the road and was being interviewed while on the road. This meant sitting in the parking lot of a coffee shop so I could connect to internet. Too funny but it is what it is....and like most things I follow Spirits guidance and lead and....

**Warning - really long interview,

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