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Happy Mayan New Year!! Waxaq'ib Bat'z

Good day everyone!!!

Today is a great day to give thanks to all of creation, Mother earth, Father sky and all the planets galaxies, and stars. We give thanks and appreciation for all the waters, the rivers, lakes, and oceans. To give thanks for the mountains and valleys. All of the animals, the winged ones, creepy crawlies, swimmers and the flyers. To give thanks and appreciation to our spirit helpers, guides and ancestors.

Today is the start of the Sacred Mayan Calendar Cholq'ij, the begining of the new ceremonial cycle which brings us the ability to navigate through life using the cycles of the sacred time. The Nawal Bat'z represents the thread of time. The Mayan Cholq'ij calendar is a representation of how the thread is woven to create reality.

Bat'z - The energy of creation, and renewing, animal totem is the monkey. This is the nawal of the performers. It is our umbilical cord that unites us to the cosmos. Today's energy is connected to gestation. It is said that the umbilical cord has 8 strands that bring nourishment to the new life thats being brought into being. Today is the day the new world being created recieves nourishment within the womb. In the Mayan tradition we believe this nutrition comes from the prayers and offerings we make in ceremony. Today we offer and pray not just for our community but for the world as a whole. We impart our love and Wisdom from the old world into the new which is being woven. This is the day where the seam is created, where we weave the past and future and they are joined.

So go out and celebrate!! Rejoice in the beauty of the universe, Go and create your dreams

Have a Blessed day all.

White Candle lit for the world at 6:00 am and offerings of tabacco and forget me not seeds were made.

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