Mayan Calendar Day Energy 11 Ix

#11 is a high and odd number giving it some challenging properties. Usually seen as directionless.

Nawal Ix represents the feminine energy, the Jaguar, It is Mother earth, the Waters and Sacred Altars.

Ix days are great for manifesting, Mother earth is always willing to respond, so be careful what you wish for today, because remember what #11 represents. Stay focused and remain clear about what you're manifesting and putting your energy into. This can be very useful if we can harness and focus it. Mother earth is always listening and ready to provide us with what we ask of her, so today is also a great day to remember to thank her for all that she has provided. Thank the waters and the sacred places you hold dear. I hope you all had a blessed day. I was in full feminine Jaguar power today, and just wanted to stop by and share before I go back out to the jungle. lol..

Claudia Ix Balam Kame

Candle Lit 5:58

Offering my tears and rose petals to the waters

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