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Mayan Calendar Day Energy is 10 Aj'

#10 has strong social energy, represents community and society. This can be seen in many ways two sets of hands joining together.– the shaking of hands representing agreement and friendship, one hand guiding and helping the other forward. One hand extending to help the other up.

Nawal Aj' Is Social Leadership and Guidance, The cornstalk, sometimes seen as the staff of life.

So when we put these two together we should ask ourselves how are we actively helping others in our community? How do we work together? What we contribute and how we guide others does have an impact on our community. Leadership should not be about control and power it should be about guiding and helping people navigate easier through life, helping each other remove blocks and boulders, not placing them on the path or throwing them at each other. In my mind a great mentor is someone who shows others what tools are available , how they use them and then allow others to see how it feels , fits and works for them. Our job is to plant seeds and see what natually takes root. The seed grows at its own rate, we can only provide the appropriate enviroment.

Right Leadership, Authority is standing up for what is right in a just manner, with respect and integrity. It does not seek the limelight, it is gentle yet noble. Today is a day where we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing. The Mayan Tradition teaches if we wish to lead this way we should cultivate our connection to The Heart of The Sky and The Heart of The Earth.

Hope you all have a blessed day :)

Claudia Ix Balam Kame

Candle Lit 8:00 am Offering of Incense

See where you can be a positive influence today.

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