Mayan Calendar Day Energy is 12 Tz'ikin

# 12 gathers together previous experience and bundles them into one collective.

T'zikin is the Nawal of prosperity, and greater vision. It's Totem animal is the Eagle.

Today symbolizes the day when the birds showed us the place where the sacred corn would be found. The vision brought by Tz'ikin is large, its the panoramic and sure vision of the eagle. This is why with a birds eye view, the further we can see, the more we can understand how to bring true prosperity. This is not about short term gain but more about creating a sustainable future for our families, childen and environment. How can we all thrive together?

This can be a day where aspects of your life's vision comes together. Vision gives us the opportunity to create, We should look for the thread of our own destiny, not wish what is not ours, instead look for what is ours, accept it and be happy. Now while Tz’ikin is the nawal of prosperity, which can seem odd to people seeking “higher knowledge”. The Mayan people don't quite see it the same way. The belief is if your family is starving, you are more likely to fall off the good road. In times of distress or dispair, we can be tempted to do illegal or inmoral things to survive. By asking Nawal Tz’ikin for prosperity in your life, you are more likely to be relaxed, to be able to help others and to be more constructive within your community. Hard work and effort will be required of us, but it will pay off.

So Im out to sing and fly with a birds eye. Today I will be asking for individual and communitarian abundance and for common projects.

Blessed day Everyone

Candle Lit at 9:30 and offering of Incense and birds seeds

Claudia Ix Balam Kame


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