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Mayan Calendar Energy 6 I'Q

Great Day All!! Today is the day that carries the wind, the Spirit of Air, our breath of life. This also represents our communication. This is the element that gives us motion, air helps the waters flow, the leaves on the trees dance, and the clouds travel in the sky. Thanks to the air we can speak, and we can hear. Great Creator the Gran Ajaw gifted us all air, it is life for all beings, all inhabitating the Earth.

If you have something to say today is a great day to say it. with the #6 being one of stability. If you have been struggling to put it into words, or being heard today is a good day. The Nawal I'Q will assist today. #6 is also of the family and bringing it into balance. I may just focus my attention here, this is were it may be more greatly effective and appreciated. Today I Thank the winds of change, I ask that they be gentle and that with the stability of the 6 energy they be grounded and stable and brought to manifestation with ease like a gentle breeze.

With that Blessings to you all and may these changes be for the greatest and highest best of all

Candle lit and offerings made today of copal, tobacco and other medicines.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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