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Mayan Calendar Energy of Today 13 I'Q

Good Day Everyone! Today is the day of the Wind, Communication, Inspiration, Our Breath of Life. This is a day of the Winds of Change. This is a day to just breath in a feel the inspiration and messages that are being brought forth to you. Breathe into your body and really connect with that source of life. For when we take our last breath our divine essence leaves our physical body and this earthly realm. I know that I am grateful for every breath I take, and I pray for clean pure air. With our breath we make words, and these words contain energy and power. With these words and this breath we manifest and create, we can inspire or harm others. Today I am especially conscious of my words and how I use them. On I'Q days the winds of change can be strong and we can either choose to embrace these changes or resist them. Either way they are a coming. Everything evolves and changes, how we go through these changes is up to us. Today with the tone #13 it is a great day to receive messages and connect with the guidance of our Ancestors. I'Q is the spiritual and mystical breath. Without air we would not have motion. I love seeing the clouds moving in the sky, and the leaves dancing on the trees. Feeling the breeze on my face and the inspiration that all of mother nature gives to me.

Today is and ideal day to ask Mother Nature and Ajaw for the wind to take away with them all the sufferings, illnesses and all kinds of existing evil. To have hate and depression blown away for a clear tomorrow. May these winds blow in more beauty, peace and freedom.

Candle was lit and prayers made, Be Blessed All.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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