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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 2 Bat'z & Happy SamHain!!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Good day everyone. Hope you all woke up well. Today is the day of the Sacred Calendar. Bat'z is the umbilical cord that connects us to the cosmos, It is the weaving and the fabric created of these individual threads of life. Bat'z is the master artisan, the performer, musician, writer, dancer, it is the Nawal of the born entertainer. The animal totem is the monkey.

Today is also Samhain, where we honor our Ancestors, the ones that have come before. We give thanks for their guidance and knowledge. Today many of us will light candles, make meals, tell stories and speak their names in their honor. So as Bat'z weaves the threads of time together to create all of our reality, I ask what are you weaving into your reality? what are you creating or want to create? In the Mayan tradition this is also a very favourable day for wedding ceremonies to take place. The tone of #2 is about partnerships and duality, so today there is an opportunity to create something wonderful from them. The weaving together of two people, of two lives becoming joined for the best of both, and in the Tercena of T'zi which is unconditional love and faith.

Maltiox & Hail to our Loved ones in Spirit!

Maltiox and Hail to the Creative Genius Bat'z!

Candle was lit and offerings made throughout the day

Blessing to you All

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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