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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 3 E'

Blessed day to you, and safe journey to all who are travelling today. This is the day of the road, the path, the journey. E' is the energy of the explorer, the seeker, always looking for experiences in order to understand, which brings wisdom. This energy may create a feeling of restlessness within us. E' is always looking to discover and journey on this life path, both in its physical and spiritual aspects. E' wants us to understand our world, different people, different societies and cultures. This energy also governs our own personal jouney, our internal process, how we move and travel through life, how we walk our path. It aids us in exploring and understanding our hearts and minds, and those of others.

Today this energy is combined with the tone of the #3. The 3 can represent the hearthfire, the home. It can also represent challenges and obstructions and lack of stability in the physical external world. This may suggest that we would benefit today by looking into our internal world and our home, maybe staying close to home. That if we go out today, we may want to leave extra time for delays or challenges, prepare for any obstructions we may encounter, because it could be a bit bumpy out there.

Today is also all Saints day. Today we honor, remember and thank all the Souls that have gone before. Today especially in Mexico and the Indigenous people around the area, pray and remember the children, the little angels that left us and did not walk on the Earth with us for long. Usually seperate altars are made, in a reduced scale. None are large objects, nor objects that belong to the adult altar are placed here. We place images of a dog on their altars to help guide them and to bring them comfort, toys and foods and smells that would bring them joy and pleasure.

Candles are Lit and Offerings have been made


Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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Oct 02, 2021

Loved reading this thankks

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