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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 4 Kame

Wow what a great weekend and the wonderful energies it brought with it. I hope you all enjoyed yours. I am grateful for these new beginnings, ideas and relationships that are presenting themselves and taking shape, that are being birthed and developing, and what may come from joining or weaving them together.

Today 4 Kame is about transforming old beliefs into new ways of being and doing, It allows for changes, replacing what is limiting and erasing boundaries. The tone #4 brings stability and balance. Kame connects us to our Ancestors, and is the energy of transformation, death and rebirth. This was a great day to honour our elders and the people in our family. Its an Ideal day to face our fears and overcome any blocks that may be in our way. Its about getting unstuck. Kame's Totem animal is the Owl.

Kame gives the opportunity for a new beginning, based on a sudden understanding of things, like a vision or intuition. It gives the understanding of what remains to be done and the energy that is needed to undertake it. I especially love Kame days not only because it is my day Lord sign but as a medium I am very privledged to work with all of your ancestors and ancient ones. The connection with the afterlife and the validation that there is a continuity of life further beyond this earth walk is something I am very blessed to know and work with.

May our Ancestors continue to guide us, May we all be respectful of our elders and honour their wise words and adapt these teachings to fit in with the new ways.

Candle was lit and offerings made

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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