Mayan Calendar Energy Today 5 Kej

I hope you all had a great start to your week. Today is the day of Kej, the energy of the wilderness, the wild hunt, strength and vitality. Kej's totem animal is the Deer. Kej has stamina and determination. It is energetic and powerful, but we need to be cautious we are not too pushy or overbearing with our ideas

The tone #5 is the work and effort that has to be put in, or the work that we do to pay our debt. Its a good day to make an offering to nature, to wildlife or a tree . It doesnt really matter as long as we tune in to nature and give thanks and gratitude.

This is an ideal day to draw in the power of the natural world, to get out into nature and allow mother earth and all of nature to replish and balance us. Kej is a great day of spiritual leaders, of leaders who know how to read the signs and messages in and from nature, and who help keep us in balance. Kej represents the 4 elements , which are the forces that fuel the human energy and gives us life. Kej compells us to work and live in harmony with Mother Earth.

Candle was lit and offerings were made

Blessings to all

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame


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