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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 6 Tz'ikin

Good evening, I hope you had a great day. Today on the day of Tz'ikin we connect with the energy of the Heart of the sky. Tz'ikin is the messenger, the bird, and with it, brings great messages from above.This energy allows us to see things from a bigger scope, a birds eye view. Since Tz'ikin bridges Mother Earth and Father Sky, today is a good day to take a vision you have for your family and community and bring it down and manifest and empower it with your words.

Tz'ikin is seen as the Nawal of prosperity, manifesting and visions, and today is coupled with the stability of the #6. This leads to a very good day to ask for what you want or seek in life. A good day to ask for the abundance and prosperity of the community, may all have there needs met.

Many blessings to you, may you be given the visions needed to walk your path and fullfil your destiny. May we all be guided well.

Candle was lit and offering made

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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