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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 7 Ajmaq

Grand rising everyone!! The sun is shinning here today and the temperature is suppose to be warmer. Today I wake up with renewed hope, knowing its a new day, and an opportunity for everyone to make ammends, a day of harmony. Today the Nawal Ajmaq is the energy of forgiveness and pardon, it represents Mother Earth and is associated with the Ancestors. Today is a favourable day to take all our mistakes, offences and lack of responsibility before Ajaw, Creator, The Great Father, and all manifestations of life Mother Earth. To ask them for, and to receive forgiveness, to atone for sins and forgive abuses, to achieve harmony and balance with others and Mother earth. On this day of Ajmaq Mayan people use it as a day of introspection or solitude. A day to reflect on one's acts and their consequences, whether intentional or unintentional as well meaning actions can cause problems at a later date. Today we can cure all types of illnesses, family problems can be solved, and its a day to ask for mental and spiritual strength. We take time to sum up our lives, take inventory, in particular the last 20 days. This is one of the ways in how we maintain ourselves in balance.

The tone of the #7 is the energy of finality and closure. A day to perhaps draw the line and finally "drop it". This energy is also balance and a chance to see all points of view. The 7 also relates to the 7 shames being Pride, Envy, Ingratitude, Ambition, Crime, Ignorance and Lies or Vanity.

Ajmaq days teach us compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and for others. To release and let go. Guilt and shame is to heavy for us to carry around all the time. Release that guilt, shame and blame, but keep the knowledge, the teachings these things bring us, and let go of the rest. Mistakes our how we learn, but learn we must. Not repeating the same mistakes is paramount. it's the key!! We must learn to accept and forgive ourelves and others for who we or they are. In this tercena of T'zi its also that reminder to embrace unconditional love and trust.

Candle has been lit and prayers offered

Blessed day to you all.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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