Mayan Calendar Energy Today 7 Toj

Good day everyone. Today is the day of Toj, this is the Nawal of the Sacred Fire given to us by the God of fire Tojil. Toj symbolizes spiritual offerings, liberty, equilibrium, payment, a fine, sacrifice, or a debt. This is the energy of payment for all the good, the well being and not so good we have done in our lives. It is for the challenges it has brought us. Toj days remind us to keep our promises, to return what we have used, to make payments or give thanks for what we have been given or used. On this day we humbly acknowledge our karmic debts and assert our intention to pay it back, by placing our lives in harmony. This is the day to make atonement for all that is in disequilibrium and be thankful for all that is in balance. Making these offerings or payments help to keep us in balance, it keeps us healthy and grateful.

Today is an ideal day to show gratefulness for everything you have received in your life, including the difficult moments we have faced. At times we take something, often with the intention of resolving the imbalances as soon as we can, but then end up forgetting these debts.

Today we offer for all those that don't have, for all the things we have been given, for the energy to help others. The more we offer the more we bring things back into balance. We must always make amends and give gratitude for what we are given and all the opportunities that present themselves to us. Toj is the ascending fire, the one that demands fuel to make movement. it is the force that creates balance and equilibrium in compensation. What outstanding debts do you have? Can you clear up any imbalances up today? Is there someone you simply need to call and say Thank You? Can you make an offering by doing a simple act of kindness, or offer a candle for other peoples health, strength and well being?

Candle was lit and offering made, sending prayers to all.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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