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Mayan Calendar Energy Today 9 Kan

Kan is the Nawal of Power, the Serpent, Justice, Sexual Energy,

The energy of Kan is known as the lightening in the blood (coyopa) chi, or the life force. This energy empowers us both physically and spiritually, enabling us to carry out our work and to evolve as we do so. Kan is the energy that strengthens our inner fire. It has the ability to bring true wisdom and enlightment to those around. This energy when off balance or in its negative aspect can also bring great destruction and undesirable consequences. Today this can be seen in our political arena...need I say more. The serpent flicks it's tongue looking for truth, to validate what its other senses are telling it. In this way the rising power of the serpent can be applied with justice and appropriately. Only through power weilded with truth, is justice ever achieved,. All other uses of power are an abuse of authority.

The tone #9 resonates with the divine feminine and represents life.

Kan days are good days to ask for good thoughts, justice, wisdom and strength. Most of my day was spent at airport and on the plane but before I left candle was lit and offerings made


Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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