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Mayan Calendar Today is 9 B'atz'

Good day everyone. Happy Blessed Woman's day!! What a lovely start to today, I was participating in a morning fire ceremony to honour and celebrate the divine feminine, the women in our lives. This is what the tone of the #9 represents. Its feminine energy in all her glory, the 9 months of gestation, the number of life. Today being the day of B'atz' which is creation. Making this a very special day for women and celebrating all that they create, especially their ability to create and give life. Today is the ideal day for us women to honour and embrace our femininity, to stand in our power, and our great creativity. It's a day for everyone to honour the divine feminine, especially the women in our lives, our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters for all they bring to our life. B'atz' is the Nawal of Weavers and Artisans, it weaves the threads of time, the threads of destiny. It is the thread or umbilical cord that connects us to the belly of our Mother, it connects us to the cosmos. It is the time in motion and evolution. It is here that the history of the peoples is written. The totem animal for B'atz' is the Monkey. This teaches and shows us to be joyful and playful and that whatever we create we should do it with this joy in our heart. B'atz' rules the day of marriage, this is an ideal day for wedding ceremonies to take place. For two people's paths to be joined and made one.

Candle was lit and offering made.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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