Mayan Energy 12 Imox

Good day everyone!! I hope that you enjoyed the flow of your day and that you were recharged by it. Today is the day of the waters, it is our spiritual strength and intuition.

The waters connect us to all, it has memory beyond time, and we are mainly made up of water. We hold the memories of ancient times. We hold the collective wisdom in our cells.Today we are asked to go within and find the peace within our own waters, to feel and be in rythm with our own natural flow. We need to all learn to flow and be in harmony, for we are all a unique beautiful drop of water, and together in unity that which makes up the worlds greatest ocean.

This energy connects us with our intuition and the messages that they carry, for it is a day of gathering dreams, of the collective consciousness. Just be careful whose dreams they are.

Imox days are creative and fertile and can be emotional, one way to help navigate Imox days is to take some time alone. Get away from people, and especially the media. Imox teaches us how to embrace our individuality and escape from the herd. Imox helps to understand when to dissociate from the collective, to remember your individuality, and to pull yourself back out of the dream world.

Candle lit and offering made

Blessed Day

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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