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Mayan Energy of the Day 13 Ajmaq

So I been doing these pretty standard up til now, and I started off motivated, and full of pep and cheer lol. Anyways, Like things do I started to get tested. You know divinity and the universe sometimes has a funny way of doing that. So This week I encountered what I percieved to be oppression and white priveledge redric and old programming. I was really shaken, taken aback and thrown off balance. Especially from the community it was coming from. So I put the deeper understanding and knowledge I have of the sacred calendar and spoke to some elders from different traditions and asked some basic questions and listened not only with my ears, but also with my spirit, my heart, and my soul. What I found there was my center and all the accumulation of my teachings, lessons, and wisdom I have gathered, and in bundling that and overlapping my life's path, my destiny over it. i was able to see the greater picture again. Once again I was able to gain clarity and focus and heal. As I was doing this it was very much for myself and the process, the challenges I was going thru but also at a deeper level knowing that I was going thru the transformation, the veils for the greater whole, for everyone, for the micro is part of the macro. What happens on one level effects and affects all levels. Even as I write this, it leads me into thinking about todays energy of Ajmaq, The day of forgiveness and reconciliation. I give thanks and Honour this energy and ability. Because if we remain "stuck" we dont allow the new energy the new world to be birthed. I also think about what im writing and realize that if I look closely at my process through this, it very much aligns, and there is a corelation of the energies of the sacred calendar and what has been happening and playing out.

With that being said I may write the energies out very briefly, I may some days just talk about how they relate to all of us, or how they related to me that day or week. I hope people read my words, but I also now know that if no one does thats perfectly ok too. This is part of my growth, removing some of my blocks, me not just saying I forgive and am moving forward but actually putting it out there and doing it. This in essence is my journal.

So Today on the day of Ajmaq the day of "being human", the day of forgiveness, reconciliation and introspection combined with the energy of 13 which is the Spirit world, is a great day for redemption from, and of the Ancestors. The Karma we carry is not only from our own but that of society. The energy, and patterns which persist through family generations long after the initial event, those we may not even realize we are carrying, they may be so far removed. Ajmaq teaches us how to get back up on our feet after we have “fallen”, But to learn how to get up and rise, we must fall. This day brings us the opportunity to bring the sweetness into our lives, and we do this thru true forgiveness. If there is an unresolved issue, a broken promise, or an apology to be made, today is a great day to resolve it. It’s a day to absolve guilt, shame, remorse and blame.

Candle lit 5:30 and offering of tabaco and prayers made

I hope you all had a blessed day.

Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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