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Mayan Energy Today is 3 Kawok

On this day of Kawok I have been sitting, listening, and participating. Putting all my collective rememberance together and weaving the threads. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that I have been remembering what I have been taught, making sure I haven't dropped any important eggs out of that basket, while I was bending over to pick up new eggs (knowledge & teachings). Remembering while picking up the new eggs, we should be careful we are not dropping eggs. Especially the ones that still work, have value, ones we meant to keep.

I keep realizing at deeper levels what it means to participate and how I participate in community with others. When and how do I listen. When and how do I participate. what do I participate in, and what is mine to share, when and where is it appropriate and needed or wanted.

Then I go back to for who am I writing? Yes my own process(the micro), but if we go back to assisting and helping birth something new for the greater whole( the macro). I remember what my community or audience is or maybe will be. I am not only sharing for my own growth but for anyone else who may be curious or wanting this as growth for themselves.

I write this remembering that it takes a long time to know and appreciate this Sacred Calendar. Someone else can give us the base knowledge and teachings, but until we put into practice and live it , understand it for ourselves, it wont truely be ours, or us it. Its like your parents shoes, when we try them on when we are young kids you walk around feeling them out, and eventually you may grow into them. I spent time learning the energies more literally lets say, but until I practiced for a few years and saw how it was a navigational tool for myself, I couldnt fully appreciate it.

#3 symbolizes the 3 hearthstones that jumped out of the fireplace and formed the new world.

Kawok is the energy of the Midwife, the great flood or storm.

we just went through waxaquib batz a few days ago, which is the start of creation, that initial spark, beginning, today the midwife Kawok helps us to clear the obstructions from the birth process. it brings the new into the world.

If u look at Kawok and the destructive aspect of the storm, you will note that it also allows a new creation to happen.

Tranquility at home maybe just what is needed today.

Candle was lit and Offerings made

Blessings to Everyone

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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Clarence P

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