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Mayan Nawal Today is 2 Tijax

We'll let me start off by saying I love the energy of this day and what it has to offer. This is the day of the obsidian blade, the blade of the Holy Warrior. I love my obsidian blade and all the help it offers me. In the Mayan tradition it is seen as a very healing day. Tijax's intent and motivation is always to heal. Although Tijax does have a warlike and arguementative reputation, It is usually with good reason. In its couragous efforts to bring out truth, justice and fairness, the obsidian skilfully cuts away the dishonest, illegitimate and deceitful. There are many blades and just like energy it really is in how we use it. The blade itself is not harmful, its the wielder of the blade that makes it either helpful and healing, or destructive and vengeful. For instance we see the blade as the warriors tool and they use it to protect their family, and not to go cause harm, The surgeon's blade which is also obviously used for healing. There is also the scultptors blade, the chisel that is used for cutting away that which is not needed, remodelling and refining what is being worked on which is the base material, until they are happy and saisfied with the results.

The Obsidian is also known as the smoking mirror. It helps us to see past, and remove the clouds of illusion, so that we can go into the deeper sight, the truth of what is there, to see what lies beneath or behind. You know its my hope that more individuals will find the beauty and the magic in this ancient Calendar, way of life, system of wisdom, and that it will help to heal some of the dis-ease and anger that people feel in their own lives which, bottom line, is where it all comes from. I hope that one day the essence of sacred time will simply make itself clear in their consciousness, and that they will no longer see anger, but only beauty.

So today I am going to watch and see what I want to refine for myself, what aspects need tweeking. I am going to continue to cut away my blocks and my self limiting thoughts. Today on the day of Tijax I will also light a candle and send healing to those that need it, so if you or anyone you know needs some healing energy sent to them, feel free to send me there name in the comments section, and the name will be added to my prayers and candle.

So I ask you on this day also to consider what you may want to cut away that no longer serves you or the greater whole? What have you been working on, or thinking about that you want to clean up, or refine? What are the things you are standing up for and how are you doing that?

Candle lit 9:00 and offering of Incense being made


Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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