New fresh website & blog I will use

Omg i'm so excited I finally got this up and running. My old site looked like it was from the 70's... I know, I know we didnt have them back then. That's how bad and outdated it looked.

So I been procrasting because i'm not all that tech savy, but today energetically was a perfect day to plant the new seed and start the new site. With a little hard work and focus its amazing what we can accomplish. I have also started this blog after a couple of years of teasing, joking and having tons of discusions about it. Well Tada!!! Here it is! The new and improved site and my first post. Soooo stay tuned I will be blogging about my travels, spiritual insights, events, ceremonies, and workshops. Probably some ranting and funny, wierd or strange occurances. You know a day in the life of The Small MEDIUM at Large.

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