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Pilgrimage 2022- In the Spirit of Unity Honouring Prophecy the Eagle, Quetzal, Condor & Colibri

Wow what a journey. I want to thank everyone who was on this pilgrimage with me both physically and spiritually. Thank you and gratitude to all those who donated financially, those that held space and supported our walk. This really was a dream come true. I have had dreams and visions of being a part of ceremonies and prayers for the unity of all people for many years. It was a great honour to walk, pray, sing, dance, and share meals with SiStars and Brothers from many different countries. To be in ceremony at these magnificent sacred sites was just an incredible experience. At times there were challenges both personal and as a group. Not only did we overcome them, we rose above them and became more unified, more understanding, more supportive. The morale and exitement, joy, commitment and love kept us moving and strong. The presence of the Ancestors and Ancient ones was also strong. We could feel them as well as the Jungle and Nature Spirts welcoming us. A few times we felt resistance by, lets call them, Park Rangers/Guards. You see the Mayan people are having a difficult time with their human rights. The sacred sites and temples are being used more as tourist spots and its all about Gov't greed and $$$. The Mayan Elders and Ajq'ijab are right now fighting law 5923 that would prevent them from doing ceremony at the temples. Another blog for another day... BUT it did make this pilgrimage and mission that much more important and necessary.

Here is a video that was put together of the journey. Its a collaboration of videos and pics from all the participants. Hope you enjoy it.

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