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Today Mayan Energy 1 Toj NewTrecena

Hello Everyone, Hope you have all been well and that the Trecena of Ajmak was kind and brought many blessings of forgiveness and pardon to you. Today is 1 Toj, signifing the start of a new Trecena and that the next 13 days will be influenced by Toj. This can be seen as the Trecena of Harmony, the sign of Karma. Toj is The Sacred Fire, it represents offerings and payment, and community service. Its totem animal is the Puma. It was gifted to us by a Mayan God Tojil and all he asked that in return for giving us fire we reciprocate by making offerings. By offering to the fire it allows us to burn away the karmic debts that we accumalate or so that they dont build up. This is a way we can restore balance. Toj is about the cause and effect, the taking and giving back. It is important that what has been taken has to be replaced or given back. Payments should be made with an open heart. The energy of Toj is about keeping our debts and payments in balance, about reciprocating and showing gratitude for what we have been given. This is an ideal day to do a random selfless act of kindness. To give just for the sake of helping, like making a donation to a charity. A day to begin repayment of outstanding debts. This Trecena, strives to achieve complete and total balance, equilibrium, and harmony. Regardless of how close you actually get to this goal, it is the intention and the journey that brings the greatest benefit.

Its interesting how it is exactly 13 day from today that we will celebrate the Solstice and that we head into that day by giving and offering for these next 13 days. What better time of the year, Christmas is suppose to be all about caring, sharing, and giving. How can we help our community? What can we do to bring others joy? How can we show our appreciation and gratitude for others?

Today a candle was lit and prayers and offerings were made. Blessings n Love

Nan Claudia Ix Kame

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