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Today's Energy 6 Q'anil

Grand Rising everyone!!! Today is the day Q'anil, which is the seed, the plants and crops, the harvest. Its totem animal is the Rabbit. The tone of the #6 is connected to stability and balance.

Today is a good day to work outside with the earth, its a good day for productivity. To be productive we should work day to day. A person who does not work or plant their seeds will not see the fruits of their creation. This is an ideal day to work on our plans, our creations, whether something new, or it's something that we have forgotten about and left for another day.

Today is a great day to think about your family and children and the seeds you are planting for them. What will we be leaving them to harvest down the road? Will it be enough to sustain? Is there a more effective way of doing and being, that will increase what we reap and harvest?

Q'anil days are very fertile and according to certain tradtions and beliefs we are all seeds planted by none other than the Cosmos. So today I ask that we not only give thanks and gratitude for all we have harvested and for that which is ripening in our life but also to give thanks for this powerful time. For in these times of crisis and change, it's our invitation to finally go through our powerful sprouting process. To grow, evolve and be reborn, to transcend what we may perceive as limitations. Blessed day to you all and may our seeds take root and flourish into this new world we are creating.

Candle lit and prayers made

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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