Reiki Intuitive Healing

30 min - $30   60 min - $60


Reiki Healing is a type of natural, holistic therapy that has become widely accepted and practiced around world. Reiki is applied by gentle hands-on touch or slightly above the body to promote and reinforce the... body's natural ability to heal itself on all levels -mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Most people use Reiki to stimulate relaxation, reduce stress, increase and restore energy and vitality, aid digestion, spiritual growth, balance energy meridians (chakras), emotional clearing, or to reduce side effects of drugs and detoxing. Reiki therapy is has shown to be beneficial for all healing journeys ...the energy always flows where needed.

To better understand Reiki, we break down this Japanese word to:
"Rei" (Ray) the universal, transcendental spirit, "ki" (Key) is the life force energy...together this can be understood as guided life force energy from the Divine Source. If you have ever considered a spiritual or natural energy therapy, Reiki is for definitely for you!


Claudia has been practicing energy healing for over 20 years -including Mediumship, and Trans-Channel Healing work.  She is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, with plans to move forward as a Reiki Master in the new year, and also hosts Reiki shares and classes at Treasures For the Soul.

Please contact us to book or enquire about energy healing services.
**Gift Certificates Available by mail or in person pick-up*


** Sessions can be done in person and at a distance.**

30 min - $30

60 min - $60

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