​Mediumship Reading
​30 min- $60     60 min- $110

bridge the gap between you and Spirit, such as Ancestors, Guides, Angels, friends and loved ones. I bring awareness about the afterlife and can assist with healing, finding closure and making peace within oneself and/or the departed. I provide wisdom, guidance, and confirmation thru my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.

Psychic tarot reading
​Tarot Readings
​30 min - $60    60 min - $110


I use intuition and different Tarot decks such as Goddess Knowledge, Rider Waite and Animal totems. I bring guidance and assistance in all areas: Family, Money, Relationships, Career and Home as I look at past, present and future events and how they effect your life and well being. PAST & PRESENT: blocks and how to overcome them, healing and how to avoid repeating past cycles. FUTURE: how to bring the proper intent and manifestation to light. What direction to move in for your highest and best. Guidance and direction on what the future holds.


smudging and cleansing
​House Clearing & Blessing
​$120​ + up

For removing old energies and influences that no longer serve. Whether you are feeling something negative in your space, have just moved into a new home or are looking for a fresh start. Clearing and blessing will give you a jump start on creating a comfortable happy environment.

Prices based on location and energy work needed.

Psychic events
​Psychic Medium Party
15 min - $30 per person

You provide the setting, food and snacks, and invite the guests (from 5 to 12 people) while I provide the fun and insight. This is a fun and energy filled evening. A separate private room is required for the individual psychic readings.

life coaching
​Spiritual Counseling
​60 min - $100  5 sessions $400

The Intuitive Counseling is for anyone who may be experiencing a big life change; perhaps you have recently moved, lost a loved one, changed jobs or maybe you have reached the end of a significant relationship in your life. My intention is to hold your hand through this process and use my gifts and suggest various tools to assist you in making this transition with the greatest amount of ease.

Please note that in between sessions I will do my best to provide as much support as possible while you are going through your transition. This support may be through distance energy, email and /or phone (within reason of course).

Reiki/ Intuitive healing
​30-45 min $40

Healing Body, Mind & Soul A natural and powerful, yet safe and gentle, hands on healing art that restores a persons life, freedom, balance and well being. I will clear and balance the energy flow within your body's energy centers ( chakras) to either boost the energy flow or to remove hyper tense energy to allow relaxation. I will clear and remove unwanted debris from your aura. This is everyday negative energy that may attach to oneself. Helpful with recovering from surgery or physical ailments like arthritis, tendonitis, back pains, migraines, pain management, and overall health. ** Sessions can be done in person and at a distance.**

Past Life Regression
​90 min - $120

Using hypnosis to understand why we do the things

we do. Past life regression can aid us

in weeding out psycological and spiritual blocks

that have carried over from previous incarnations.

​Mayan Sacred Fire
Contact for more information

A sacred fire ceremony is the most powerfully transformative of all rituals. We create a vortex of energy that can be used as a portal into the Spirit world, where we can receive healings and offer prayers. It offers us the opportunity to use the source of all light to amplify our intentions and offerings. The divine lives in the fire.  We give thanks to the great creator, feed and nurture her through the fire. 

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