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I felt peace and closure after leaving Treasures for the Soul knowing that my loved ones were close by and watching out for us daily. Claudia is a very kind and loving soul who uses her gift to bring joy to people here & beyond! I will forever be connected to her.  Ontario, Canada


Thank you very much Claudia for your amazing readings today. You gave us all a lot to think about and brought peace to our minds. Thank you again for sharing your gift with us. Carla Leyer, Burlington, On


Thank you so much for an amazing experience this evening! Carrie Jane Malcew


I had a wonderful reading with Claudia. Several of my loved ones came through in spirit with comforting messages. Her reading was very accurate. Some of the things I didn’t understand right away came to me when I was driving home. I am highly recommending a reading with her. Sue Cutten, Caledonia, On


I received a reading recently while Claudia was visiting Pembroke. It was a very insightful and uplifting experience.. We made some very meaningful contact, and had a very accurate and positive card reading.. If you've never been I highly suggest her, she laid to rest some skeletons in my closet and left me feeling empowered and peaceful.. I'll be seeing her again in October when she's back! Kari, Chalk River, On


Just got back from seeing the Medium Claudia and the only word I can use to describe this amazing experience is... PHENOMENAL!!! I was a tad skeptical and had spoken on my own to my loved one's to give me validation before my session and boy, did they! Was so glad to hear from all my loved ones that pulled through! She is amazing gave her a huge hug before leaving, she lifted so much weight from my chest and shoulders I felt as if I was floating after! Diana Pembroke, On


What an amazing experience! Absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for helping me get back into my elements. I just found out what the upcoming celebration is... My best friend since childhood and his wife are expecting a baby! They announced the news yesterday! Wow! You are amazing! Pembroke, On,

I had a reading with Claudia about a year ago. I did not have any expectations but was quite surprised at some of the thing she said to me. The first thing she asked was – Did I know a Steve? My son’s name is Steve, as was his deceased father. She said I had 2 children – which is correct. She said there were 2 babies in the family – at the time I had 2 young great grandchildren. She told me there was going to be a wedding. She also said there would be another baby coming. At the time my granddaughter was dating someone. Since then she got engaged and is getting married in June. She is also expecting a baby in March. Claudia described the interior of my house and told me the back door in the kitchen was white with glass. That’s correct. She asked if I know a teacher; several of my friends are teachers. I was very impressed with the whole experience. Wilhelmina E. Ontario, Canada.

I had a most wonderful experience spending some time at my reading with Claudia Valdes. For the past couple of eventful years of my life I was feeling "stuck", like I needed "something" in order to move on and move forward in my life, I believe that 'something' is spiritual healing and I have to say that gaining insight into oneself from this very special perspective is a blessing! If you have the opportunity to see Claudia, GO!! You can even bring your skepticism if you want, it WILL be checked at the door on your way out, I assure you. I, myself was not skeptical, but rather....guarded and the first sign that I asked for was granted almost before she had a chance to exhale! I really needed to hear from my father and I did. Thank you so much Claudia, I felt so light and a little freer from "myself" as I drove home, I can't tell you how much I appreciated the reading. ~Carole, Pembroke, On.

A BIG thank-you to the wonderful Claudia Valdes - The Small Medium at Large for blessing our Wee Shop with your loving presence. Thank you for your kind advice, & hilarious conversations!! It was an excellent weekend! We look forward to our next adventure, hold onto your Walkie~Talkie girl, its going to be a fabulous ride!! Love & Many Blessings. Brimstone & Belladonna Store, Pembroke, On


The reading with Claudia was very moving. I was surprised by who came through for me and the details that Claudia knew. I came into the reading feeling emotionally heavy and by the time I left I felt a lightness and clarity.I completely recommend Claudia to anyone who needs clarity in their lives or even to anyone who is curious. I thoroughly enjoyed my time today and feel I have grown spiritually. Stephanie Kutjan, Oakville,On

I want to thank you for the readings and the reiki healing that you have done. Your energy is so strong and positive. Everything you have told me is very accurate, I trust your guidance will help me lead to a good path in life. Also telling me not to be stress in life and do what makes you makes me happy. Thank you so much God Bless you and your family. Mia Phan, Toronto,On

In this world there are some very exceptional souls gifted with various talents,selfless talents. Talents of foresight,of healing,of council and guidance ,but most of all of compassion. Claudia has been to me all the above and more...Compassion being the most important thing that the soul needs to thrive on and not just exist . Under her council and guidance ,these past 10 years I have experienced major shifts in who I am and what I have become...From the ashes of my bloodline to the new welcoming tribes... I have experienced the bliss and the warmth of love that others have not given me. Through her I was led through some very uncertain times ..Not seeing but knowing that I was and always will be protected. Without her I would never had know how my mother felt when she passed...I had this great sense of guilt that I didnt do enough to ease her pain or protected her from the ill will that came into her life. I sat with her on the day before she passed...Only the two of us...My thoughts were loud and my guilt heavy. The Following day I got a call from Claudia it was very early in the morning and things were foggy as Claudia told me but as we talked it came to focus....Claudia had repeated what my mother had heard in that hospital room...My thoughts...Im still in disbelief at times ,but if it wasnt for the story she told Claudia about when I was 14 and what happened on that day I would have never believed it. Later that day I went to visit my mother in the hospital but when I arrived to her room she had passed 3 hours earlier....That morning she was saying her good-bye to me. Claudia ...I thank you for coming into my life ,but even more that you have become a very loving friend to me. Neen, Hamilton On

Amazing visit and great vibes from the moment she walked into my front door.Answered all of my questions and some.Was right on the button with everything. An emotional but great visit, cant wait to see her again. Amanda Graham, Reading party, Hamilton, On

I have been read by Claudia four times. I trust in Claudia's gifts that I have referred her to family and friends. She is precise and thorough with her readings. I would recommend a full reading because she touches on the past, future and present. She will bring up good and hardship but when she does bring up hardship she suggests behaviour that can improve the situation. I never feel 'off' or negative after I have seen Claudia. She is always very positive and uplifting with her words. Claudia works through areas of growth with attainable goals and suggests simple exercises that can be implemented daily. I consider Claudia a life coach and my guide in my personal development. Claudia is very in tune with connecting with loved one's that have passed; if you are wanting to reconnect with someone who has passed on ...Claudia can....she has connected me with my loved ones. Claudia uses her gifts in a positive manner with only the best intensions for those who she reads. I would recommend Claudia for readings and personal development. Cindy, Hamilton, On

Claudia , I want to thank you for the many amazing readings I have had from you... always spot on !!!! I have also been blessed to experience your healing hands. Thank you for all the sage council over the years you have made such a difference in my life. Love and Light Kara Johnston, Ireland

I enjoyed the reading. I was happy that I had a set of questions with me that I got answers for. I have never had a Spiritual reading before...It was comforting to know my parents are around me. Overall, it was a good experience. Emily, Mississauga, On


Claudia has strengthened my faith in the loving, compassionate, and inspiring connectedness with all Beings seen and "unseen". She has been and continues to be very helpful in giving comfort to my friends and myself who have lost their loved ones through her gift of mediumship. Jessie, Stoney Creek, On


Thank You Claudia, I didn't ask many questions while I was there but, when I was done I felt at daughter was after me ...she was the one with the warning about the kids on the tractor...we both thank you so much...our past is based on a religion that does not believe in things like this (it was considered of the devil) so I was very nervous and when I was done I DID NOT ...feel that way....thank you so much. Donna H, Pembroke Ontario


I was very pleased and impressed with my reading. It helped tie lose ends together. Thank u sooo much. Laura, Hamilton, On

Hi Claudia and thank you. I really enjoyed meeting with you and enjoyed my reading. It was nice to know that my Mom came through and that she is around me all the time. Also nice to know my Dad was around. You said he was trying to hand something to you and that he wanted you to let me know he was trying to apologize and that he was not good at communication, that meant a lot to me because I had not spoken to my Dad for 3 weeks when he collapsed and died the next day. I always wanted to know if he forgave me for that and if he knew I was there when he was dying. I think you are a very lovely woman and very kind and I felt your warmth and that you are a good person. God bless you. Cathy, Stoney Creek, Ontario

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