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Mayan Calendar 12 Q'anil

Grand Rising Everyone!! I thought you would like to know right off the top that Q'anil days are usually positive days. Energetically they tend to be happy and light, and deservingly. These are the days that represent the ripening. Where all the hard work has come to fruition, the days of abundance. Q'anil represents the cosmic seed, the energy of creation, germination, and food. It is the vitality and fertility of human beings, of animals and plants. Q'anil's totem animal is the Rabbit. It is the Divine Semen, the seed from which all life begins and about achieving its fullest potential. This relates to all activities. However, when an energy is so fertile and prosperous, life can become too easy. Q'anil also appreciates the rewards of its talents and can sometimes overindulge. Its important to celebrate our achievements, but we must be careful not to over celebrate.

Now combine this with the tone of the #12 which has the energy to ignite and put our plans into action. It's also the energy of bundling, or gathering things together

Today is a good day to plant all those dreams we want to materialize. To ask for the children, to overcome the difficulties poverty causes, to ask for clean air and water, and righteous leadership, to ask that we all evolve in harmony. It is also very appropriate and right to give thanks and appreciation for the sowing and the harvests. To thank Mother Earth for all that she provides and gives us, and to offer and ask from all our hearts for the well being in life for all. So what seeds will you plant today? What has just ripened and is ready for the picking?

I wish you all a Blessed Day

Candle lit and offerings will be made

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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