Mayan Calendar Energy Today 10 Kame

Good Day Everyone!!. Today on the day of Kame we give thanks and gratitude for the Ancestors, our Spiritual and Family linege, those who have come before and have now gone to rest in the great beyond, to the Kame. Today communication with superior beings, and ancestors is opened and the access to the dimensional doors is stronger.

Today over all other days is a great day to ask for foriveness and pardon, and to give forgiveness for our wrong actions. This is the day of Death, Transformation, and Rebirth. It means the dying and the being reborn, the further dimension, the big change.

Kame is the energy that guides, counsels and protects us during all of our existence, through our connection to and with our Ancestors. Kame days help us face our fears and allow us to gain a higher perspective, to help advance the journey of our soul.

Today during ceremonies we ask and pray for the Ancestors and that they may rest, and be in peace. We ask that they give us strength, be our guides, advise and accompany us on our journey on this earth walk. We ask to be given knowledge and great wisdom. May they help protect us from all dangers and illnesses.

The tone of the #10 is seen as representing community and the laws of society. This could be a day possibly of profound spiritual change within our society. This could also be seen as the support of our community helping us through our own transformation and growth process.

A purple candle lit and offerings made at my ancestor altar.


Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame


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