Mayan Calendar Energy Today 8 Kat

Good day all! Today on the day of Kat, the Net that gathers the harvest, or can get us caught up and entagled. This is a great day to draw things in and bundle them together.

Kat is a day for the gathering of seeds, of ideas, and of people. A day to celebrate the abundance these things bring to our life.

We should remember and be careful not to get caught up in other peoples nets, or to watch our own personal attachment to physical things, people or outcomes. These can be some of the things that hold us back from living our life's destiny or path. We must remember here on this Earth, we are all pilgrims just wandering. The Earth does not belong to anyone and belongs to everyone at the same time. Kat can be seen as the problems which we ourselves generate, or that our destiny puts on our path for our apprenticeship, growth and right evolution. These days give us a perfect opportunity to understand what is stopping us from achieving our dreams, and setting ourselves free, to help us release ourselves from our burdens, from the ties which bind us. 

The Tone of the # 8 is a great day to do ceremony, but in the Maya tradition really I don't think there is a "bad" day for it. In the Mayan tradition we take everything to the fire, it is the place of transformation, the place that feeds us, the place we pray and make offerings. This Tone is a very balanced energy, it brings a sense of wholeness.

So today I give thanks for my freedom and the ability to release anything that may be keeping me stuck or blocked. I give thanks and pray for the continued abundance of all. May we never thirst, May be never hunger and our bellies always full.

Candle Lit and Offerings made

Blessings all

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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