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Mayan Energy Today 2 Noj

Good day everyone! Today I want to start by giving thanks to the energy of Ajmak, Yes this was yesterday energy but it will also be with us for these next 12 days as well. Marking this the trecena of Ajmak. Ajmak is about being human, and our human experiences. Its about forgiveness and pardon, introspection, and gratitude, making amends and coming into balance.

Today on the day of 2 Noj we look at the tone #2 meaning partnership, duality, and polarities

Noj is knowledge and wisdom gained. Noj is the problem solver and this give us the opportunity to see and understand others points of view whether we agree or accept it for ourselves or not. It allows us to at least be able to see where others may be coming from. Noj today helps us to go inside ourselves and gain the knowledge and understanding we need to forgive others, or to figure out a way to ask for pardon for something we may not have done in the best manner.

Since the #2 is also about lovers its a an ideal time to look at our relationships and remember what we love about each other and what we are grateful for in the relationship. It's good day to try and put our differences aside and try and understand where the other person may have been coming from. Noj Is about the wisdom gained and how we can use it to make things better, or at least assist us in how not not to repeat certain things. We are human so we will always be learning, growing and evolving. Knowing that we may not be perfect, but can always strive to be better.

Candle was lit and prayers offered. Blessed day to you all.

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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