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Today Energy 8 Tz'i' in the Mayan Calendar

Good day everyone!! Hope you are all having a blessed day. Today on the day of Tz’i’ we are being asked to trust and be loyal, to use our energy righteously and just. Today Tz’i’ the Nawal of Law, Justice, Sacred authority, and Loyalty beckons us to live in a proper manner. The totem animal for Tz’i’ is the dog.

The tone today of the #8 brings balance of both the masculine and feminine energy. It’s all about wholeness, 8 days or waxaquib days are our ceremonial days. Today we ask that our faith is boosted and that we trust in the universal higher consciousness, that these winds of change will bring with it right authority, which acts with loyalty for its people and has positive changes in all our hearts and minds for the greater good. We ask that right proper justice take place in our legal systems, in our governments. That we be able to trust our leaders and that they take that trust responsibly and sacred and do good, just work on all our behalf.

This is an ideal day to deal with legal matters and if at all possible to wrap them up. It’s also a good day to deal with and remove addictions, or for transforming pessimistic thoughts into something positive. Tz'i' asks us to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions, and walk with loyalty and impeccability,

The Nawal Tz'i' can also been seen and has a reputation for being the energy of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. This is the energy of recklessness and of being off balance with our energy and power. Our misuse of our energy can lead to physical ailments and create more Karmic debt. How have you been using your power? What thoughts and words have you spoken that may have been unjust?

Candle Lit and offering made

Nana Claudia Ix Balam Kame

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